The radio with NON PROFIT purposes was born in December 2007 in Lancaster (NY) with another name for Italians residing in the USA only in 2013 it was called “Radio Free Station Currently there are speakers on the radio who alternate in weekly time slots and with fixed columns and collaborators who deal with contacts with the artists and take care of the graphic design of the website. The music that is broadcast ranges across all musical genres: jazz, blues, rock, folk, classical, opera and contemporary with some fixed programmes, among many also the most popular ones which reproduce songs or songs from the 60s/70s/80s/ 90. There are weekly columns such as “Mirtilla’s living room”, “Il caff√® della Ely”, “Azzardo notte” and the “Niko Caputo show” which are dedicated to interviews with the various characters from the most famous television and non-television programmes. Interviews were also carried out with the actors of the television soaps “Il Segreto” and “Una vita”. The radio is present in various important events such as: Cannes Festival, Venice Festival, Giffoni Festival, Capri Festival with our special correspondent Tonino Pinto, at the Sanremo Festival and at the Web Festival, and at the Annual Web Radio Festival. radio is constantly present at all the press conferences/interviews of the most representative events of the moment, both of the most famous television programs and of the concerts that take place in the most important cities. Furthermore, he attended the International Blues Festival in Chicago with some correspondents. We can proudly state that our web radio, despite having NON-PROFIT characteristics, is constantly chosen by famous artists and singers who prove to be very willing to give live interviews which are recorded and published on the YouTube channel Radio Free Station Interviews. We can also point out the important collaboration with the newspaper “Grandangolare” of Toronto, with the periodical “Cristopher”, “Il Televisionario2” and the record company Edit Music.